Committed to ensure that Attleboro is a community where all can prosper.

Public endorsements

Public endorsements

I am incredibly grateful for the public endorsements from friends, residents, and collegues. [rev_slider alias="endorsements"]…

Core Vision for Attleboro

Commercial Growth

Smart and thoughtful commercial growth is the cornerstone to our City wide long term financial stability. It is imperative that Attleboro leverages our state of the art education facilities and the advanced scholastic programming to create a workforce that is prepared and will support future economic growth.


The fastest growing population in Attleboro are our Seniors.  It is crucial that we actively prepare to provide resources to meet thier needs. Currently the Council on Aging budget is funded by state and federal grants. Funding stability needs to be brought to this budget.  Attleboro needs to be unique in how we support our Seniors and provide a stable and predictable method of managing their tax burden.


Attleboro will soon have a 21st century High School. We must support the Attleboro Public School Administration along with our Educators by providing the fundamental resources needed to continue our city wide academic achievement. It is our responsibility  to bring a 21st century curriculum to the students of our city at the High School Middle and Elementary school levels.

City Resources

At one time Attleboro was heralded world wide as the Jewelry City. With great  success in manufacturing combined with proper planning by our forefathers, Attleboro grew and developed.  None of it would be possible without what I feel is our greatest resource: Our People. Generations of Attleboro residents, City employees as well as individuals who are committed to serving on our volunteer boards and commissions have been the driving force for Attleboro’s success. We need to continue the tradition of  effectively working together, set best practices and ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Downtown Revitalization

Most will agree that our downtown has incredible potential and would love nothing more than to see significant progress in the area. Investments downtown provide the biggest revenue opportunities to the city in terms of new businesses and increased property values as well as providing a new identity that will provide benefits for years to come. This can only succeed with thoughtful long term strategic thinking combined with ‘quick wins’ to help with momentum. Developing and implementing this strategy is a cornerstone of my campaign.

“I humbly ask that you vote for me as your next mayor.”

But Heather, why should I vote for you?

You take your responsibility to vote seriously and want to know why *you* should vote for me…  I appreciate you taking the time to visit this site and investigate your options for mayor, so I’ll cut right to the chase:

  • As part of making Attleboro a community for all to prosper, I will focus on the community as a whole and work to find common sense opportunities.
    • Children should have access to a top notch education and healthy extra curricular activities.
    • Young adults should be able to find affordable housing to start their careers.
    • Parents should want to raise their kids in our diverse community.
    • Our Senior Population has earned the right to age-in-place.
  • I will fight to keep property taxes on residents low and minimize the impact of the High School debt exclusion increase.
  • I will work to increase commercial growth by streamlining administrative processes  and encouraging technological advances in city hall.
  • I will fight for senior tax relief by expanding the senior work-off program.


Why I want to lead….

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Who is Heather Porreca?

Heather Porreca, daughter from a family of five, is a passionate wife and parent. She has blossomed into a woman  of expanded concern and love of her city. From a woman concerned for her students on the local bus routes of the city, to a politician whose drive is the passion for the residents needs, Heather works for all, including her family.  She is someone that can listen to all sides and dwell on what works best for a fair approach. With her husband and 3  children involved in so many aspects of Attleboro, she represents the core of Attleboro with an insiders view.

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