12 Weeks to Election Day!

12 Weeks to Election Day!

A message from the Committee to Elect Heather Porreca

Yard Sign Placements

Our team is organizing the hundreds of sign request we have received for yard sign placement, which will be happening in the upcoming weeks, We would be honored to be able to place a sign in your yard. If you have already requested a sign, we have you on our list and appreciate the use of your home. If you would like to show your support and have a yard sign please request one through this link and we will be happy add you to the list. https://heatherforattleboro.com/yard-sign-request

Campaign Donations

On behalf of Heather, the Committee to Elect Heather Porreca thanks all of you that have been so very generous with your donations to the campaign. The support has been terrific. We are not done yet, we still are working hard to get Heather’s message for a better Attleboro out to all the voters. We are ready to finish strong in November and then get to work in January, your support is so essential. If you are able to make a donation to the campaign, we would be very grateful. Please follow the link below for monetary support. https://heatherforattleboro.com/donations/donate-to-the-committee-to-elect-heather-porreca