Hey, let’s talk about it!

Hey, let’s talk about it!

“Ride or Die, Chick”

Yes, that is what I said.  “Ride or Die” means that you will ride any problem out with someone or die trying.  The lengths at which Paul has gone to defend Kourtney for her many mistakes since she took over as Water Superintendent are what made me refer to her as Paul’s “ride or die.”  He continues to unconditionally support her despite the numerous controversies surrounding her and her department since she took over less than a year ago:

  • He tried to illegally veto the council’s “no” vote.
  • He bullied the council in the paper when he knew we could not publicly speak.
  • The TTHM levels in our water were above the state regulated maximum and they delayed notification to the residents as long as legally possible.  (They are currently at the maximum, but that maximum is expected to decrease.)
  • The high number of grievances and employee turnover since she was given the job. 
  • The lack of promised training she was to receive as a condition of her appointment. 
  • The security cameras installed at a pumping station before being approved by the Council. 
  • The exceptionally low  water levels at Manchester Reservoir. 
  • And, of course, the cover up of the Torrey St. gas leak which is what led to that comment. (CLICK for PDF Graphic)
  • He bullied councilors not to move forward with the gas-leak resolution.
  • And now is lying about this poor city worker (ex-city worker)

I was and remain appalled at how the mayor placed blame on one of his employees for what appears to be political purposes.  He is trying to defend his flawed decision to make Kourtney the Water Superintendent at seemingly all costs.  The Mayor claimed that the water department employee was smoking a cigarette in the hole after he smelled gas.  This is a flat out lie.  For Paul to knowingly lie about a family member of one of his administrative assistants while also touting that he had a good relationship with that employee was wildly inappropriate.  He will stop at nothing to cover this up, including adding new information about the incident from his investigation, further proving his lack of communication with not only the city council, but the residents of the city.

The “chick” portion was not intentional.  I wear my emotions on my sleeve and am genuinely transparent.  When I see a leader acting like a bully toward a local city employee and lacking the personal courage to stand up for what’s right, that makes me angry.  I get angry when others are mistreated.  Paul flushes red and gets angry when he feels he isn’t treated well.  I apologize to anyone that was offended by it and tried to restrain my anger in that moment as best I could given his statements.  I think many people in my shoes at the time with the facts of the situation may have said something similar or worse.

A couple of Paul’s supporters are overlooking the egregious lack of morals displayed so clearly by our mayor doesn’t make sense to me.  I’ll try to choose my words more carefully in the future, but I won’t stop being genuinely transparent and wearing my heart on my sleeve.  We can’t treat city workers like this.  In the end, no one is safe from the Mayor’s venomous attacks when it comes to protecting his story. He stated last night, “that is how the game is played.”  The game he is playing put people’s lives in peril.  This is not fear mongering, this is what happen. 

Thoughts from my Kitchen Table #4

Thoughts from my Kitchen Table #4

This week has been interesting to say the least. As the campaign heads into the final three weeks before the election there has been much talk regarding my comments in the “Do your Job!!!” blog entry. My opponent has challenged me for not being ‘nice’ and that my slogan #nicematters is disingenuous. Others have taken to calling me nasty and derogatory names that strong women running for office are all too familiar with. Many are quick to criticize, but few are willing to put themselves out there.

If you want respect, you have to learn to give it too. I continue to be disappointed by the lack of respect given to the Municipal Council. This Council works incredibly well together and respects one another both on and off the Council floor.  I am immensely proud of the work we do as a collective body. Unlike the comments from spectators online, this recent disrespect came from the mayor himself.  I am not OK with him challenging our integrity and not valuing the Council’s level of work and dedication that each of the eleven members give each week.  And worse, this disrespect appears to be done solely to further a political narrative. My response is in defense of each of my colleagues that honorably serve on the Council. It is the same defense that I give to every one of you in our city and will provide to each of our city workers.

Everyday I answer your calls, listen to your concerns and find a solution to the best of my abilities. I field phone calls from residents around the city that support my opponent and I hold no bias. For me, it doesn’t make a difference who you are supporting in the upcoming election, what your political party is, if you’re registered to vote or not; I’m simply following through on my commitment to serve all of Attleboro.The job should never be political or transactional.  It’s about service, it’s about care, it’s about doing the job.

#Nicematters is a goal. Some days I get there and some days I find it hard to hold onto. Everyday I try, boy do I ever try. The family motto ‘nice matters’ and living a life dedicated to service is interwoven into the fabric of my being.  I work for you, regardless of our differences, alliances or pre-determined conscious or unconscious bias. I simply do my job and stand by it. That’s who I am.

On November 5th, it is up to the voters to decide who is working with their best interest in mind.  For those that have worked with me, the answer is easy.



In this article, the mayor claims the Council was “being political” by refusing to approve the emergency preamble of a $35k request for 2 new boilers for city hall.  By doing so, the mayor publicly challenged the integrity of my fellow councilors and me. The mayor couldn’t be more wrong and I am troubled by his statements. Unfortunately this is far from the first time he’s tried to cover up his mistakes by blaming others.

The emergency request was sent down in the mayors communication and the Council needed to act based on the documentation he provided to us that night.  In that documentation, we did not have a copy of a quote for the work or even any indication that the job had been sent out for quotes. The Council’s responsibility is to question such requests, especially in the case of emergency measures. It is our duty to ensure proper procurement procedures are followed and the need is valid.  Did the price include a contingency? Were the current boilers inoperable? How long will it take to order and install the new boilers? As is so often the case with our mayor, this measure was grossly underprepared.

Time and again the mayor has demonstrated a complete disregard for the Municipal Council. However, despite having been burned before by an emergency request, the council persisted and considered the boiler motion on behalf of the people who work at City Hall. (For those that don’t recall, the mayor previously lumped an emergency request for cameras in with many end of year budget requests. Upon investigation, it was revealed the cameras had already been installed.) The bulk of the conversation that took place on Tuesday night focused on the potential impact of delaying the boiler work to city workers. There was real concern that city workers should not be punished due to the incompetence of their boss. With very little information, and the absence of the Mayor to discuss the details of his proposed emergency, the Council agreed the two-week delay was unlikely to have a negative impact on city workers. We quite simply needed more information before spending taxpayer money.

This was far from the first time the city council has had to maintain decorum and dance around the ineptitude of this mayor for the good of our city and our residents.  The two major items the Municipal Council has approved: the new high school and the purchase of Highland Country Club, have both happened despite the mayor, not because of anything the mayor did.  The mayor took steps behind the scenes to sabotage the high school project and only supported it when it became politically advantageous. In doing so, he extended the borrowing out to 30 years and cost the residents over $40M.  The purchase of Highland Park happened because it was the right thing to do for the city. The mayor’s handling of the Highland Country Club purchase lacked professionalism and leadership. He refused to simply meet with interested developers.  He failed to conduct a soil sample. Add to that he created an unscientific Facebook poll which resulted in the presentation of an inaccurate and skewed written proposal that was far from professional. Any progress that is happening in our city is happening despite the current mayor, not because of him.

On Tuesday, the council acted with nothing but integrity on behalf of the residents.  For the mayor to suggest otherwise does more to expose his character than anything else. The mayor needs to be more concerned about the marriage and less concerned with the wedding. What that means is that the mayor needs to pay attention and spend more time at city hall doing the actual job instead of spending his days knocking on doors telling residents how much he wants to do the job.  

I have the utmost respect for my fellow councilors and the city council as a governing body.  If elected mayor, I will do my very best to provide complete backup documentation for the council to review. More importantly, I will show up before the council to answer questions on any emergency measure I send down. This is how our two co-equal branches of government should work together and respect each other on behalf of our community and the residents.