Public endorsements

Public endorsements

I am incredibly grateful for the public endorsements from friends, residents, and collegues.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working alongside of each of them for many years through my work three-term city councilor, assisting in growing their business at the Attleboro Farmers Market, or solving their resident’s concerns. I am beyond humble and grateful for their kind and honest words and they have taken the time to support and endorse me and our campaign. I look forward to future collaboration and success for Attleboro.

Please vote Heather Porreca for Mayor this Tuesday, November 5th.

October 29, Mayor Debate, Opening Statement

Thank you, Peter.  Thank you to the Sun Chronicle for hosting this event tonight, to DoubleACS for sharing this event with the City, and to those of you here in the audience and watching at home for taking the time to participate in this process.  Tonight is critical to the future of our community and I am excited to share my plans for our collective success with you.

My involvement IN and love for our city started with my faith, grew with my family, and expanded with our community.  My husband and I moved here 20 years ago and immediately became involved in the St. John’s parish as a catechist working with many of your children.  As my own children got older, I became involved in their sports, schools and other organizations. I spent ten years as a bus driver bringing many of your children safely to and from school.  I became a member of the Attleboro Farmers Market and under my leadership, it has grown to one of the most successful markets in New England. Finally, I have been your At-Large City Councilor for six years where, as a team, we have done everything within our power to advance our City.

Now I want to take the next step in my life of service to my community.  I don’t want to just HAVE THE JOB of Mayor. I want to DO THE WORK of the Mayor.  I want to bring everyone to my table to work for the common good. I want business owners at my table talking about how I can support and assist them in helping us to renew and refresh our downtown and foster positive working relationships with the state and our municipal departments. I want to address the lack of sustainability in our school department budget so that our incredible educators at all levels feel the support they deserve.

I was raised believing that “leaders eat last.”  I am just like my mother in that when we have family and friends in our home, my priority is to make sure everyone has what they need. I provide for others before I help myself.  This is what I want to bring to our community as Mayor. I want to provide the services that my neighbors need in a collaborative and supportive way so that we can move towards our shared vision of Attleboro.

Thank you all again, and I look forward to sharing my plan and vision with you tonight.

October 29, Mayor Debate Closing Statement

I think the biggest difference between my opponent, and I hinges on one thing — what it means to be an Executive.

My opponent believes that is about “The Boss”. 

As you have heard, he spends a good deal of time and energy telling people — Department Heads and Municipal Council Members, and even you the citizens of Attleboro — what they can and cannot do. He often says — “Stay in your lane”.

He ordered Department Heads NOT to talk to the media without talking to him first.

He has forbidden Department Heads from speaking to City Council Members.

He blasts any City Council member who speaks directly to a city department.

And has said that if any Department Head has a significant difference of opinion over direction, then they might not be “right for the job”.

I am the Vice President of the Municipal Council. 

I am a lawmaker for this city. 

I know that we need roles and responsibilities within government. 

Those roles were put in place to safeguard the balance of power.

These are people who are trying to work together for a better Attleboro.

The balance of power is not at risk here.

What is at risk is vital communication, understanding and collaboration.

That is what I bring to this election and to this City.

I am, at heart, a Community Organizer.

I work with people to try to achieve great things for this city.

In this campaign, you have heard my opponent talk about *his* accomplishments. 

He has tried to slice and dice mine apart. He is very concerned about “taking credit”.

Can I take sole credit for the wildly successful Attleboro Farmers Market? Absolutely not. However, does anyone really believe that my vision and leadership were not at the heart of its success?

Can I take sole credit for the funding for the new High School being passed? No. 

But I was there, doing my part. He was not.

Unlike my opponent, this is not about me. 

This is not about being fearful that others might take credit for my work. This is about Attleboro. 

In my vision of Attleboro, we work together.

Department heads and employees need to feel safe to state their opinions and expertise without fear of retribution.

Council Members need to be able to work on behalf of their constituents without fear of being blasted through email or in the media.

Unions and city employees need to feel heard and understood.

As a new Mayor, I will *need* to hear differences in opinions. 

Neither my ego nor my understanding of the balance of power are threatened by a difference of opinion. 

Attleboro, we can have it all. A Porreca administration gives our city the best of both worlds, continued progress in our downtown with the added ability to create, maintain and grow positive working relationships.

What I bring to this election is the hope and promise for renewed communication and collaboration. Attleboro is a gem and we have amazing people and resources within this city. I am asking for your support to continue my life-long journey of empowering and collaborating with others to make Attleboro even better. I ask for your vote on November 5 to be your next Mayor.

Hey, let’s talk about it!

Hey, let’s talk about it!

“Ride or Die, Chick”

Yes, that is what I said.  “Ride or Die” means that you will ride any problem out with someone or die trying.  The lengths at which Paul has gone to defend Kourtney for her many mistakes since she took over as Water Superintendent are what made me refer to her as Paul’s “ride or die.”  He continues to unconditionally support her despite the numerous controversies surrounding her and her department since she took over less than a year ago:

  • He tried to illegally veto the council’s “no” vote.
  • He bullied the council in the paper when he knew we could not publicly speak.
  • The TTHM levels in our water were above the state regulated maximum and they delayed notification to the residents as long as legally possible.  (They are currently at the maximum, but that maximum is expected to decrease.)
  • The high number of grievances and employee turnover since she was given the job. 
  • The lack of promised training she was to receive as a condition of her appointment. 
  • The security cameras installed at a pumping station before being approved by the Council. 
  • The exceptionally low  water levels at Manchester Reservoir. 
  • And, of course, the cover up of the Torrey St. gas leak which is what led to that comment. (CLICK for PDF Graphic)
  • He bullied councilors not to move forward with the gas-leak resolution.
  • And now is lying about this poor city worker (ex-city worker)

I was and remain appalled at how the mayor placed blame on one of his employees for what appears to be political purposes.  He is trying to defend his flawed decision to make Kourtney the Water Superintendent at seemingly all costs.  The Mayor claimed that the water department employee was smoking a cigarette in the hole after he smelled gas.  This is a flat out lie.  For Paul to knowingly lie about a family member of one of his administrative assistants while also touting that he had a good relationship with that employee was wildly inappropriate.  He will stop at nothing to cover this up, including adding new information about the incident from his investigation, further proving his lack of communication with not only the city council, but the residents of the city.

The “chick” portion was not intentional.  I wear my emotions on my sleeve and am genuinely transparent.  When I see a leader acting like a bully toward a local city employee and lacking the personal courage to stand up for what’s right, that makes me angry.  I get angry when others are mistreated.  Paul flushes red and gets angry when he feels he isn’t treated well.  I apologize to anyone that was offended by it and tried to restrain my anger in that moment as best I could given his statements.  I think many people in my shoes at the time with the facts of the situation may have said something similar or worse.

A couple of Paul’s supporters are overlooking the egregious lack of morals displayed so clearly by our mayor doesn’t make sense to me.  I’ll try to choose my words more carefully in the future, but I won’t stop being genuinely transparent and wearing my heart on my sleeve.  We can’t treat city workers like this.  In the end, no one is safe from the Mayor’s venomous attacks when it comes to protecting his story. He stated last night, “that is how the game is played.”  The game he is playing put people’s lives in peril.  This is not fear mongering, this is what happen.