Downtown Revitalization Plan

Downtown Revitalization Plan

This is the plan that was unveiled at the Heather Porreca for Mayor Campaign Kickoff event on June 27, 2019. Below is from her speech and the images accompanied her remarks.

What does 1 Billion dollars in revitalization mean for Attleboro?

The numbers

1 Billion Dollars in revitalization is real, it’s attainable, it is within our grasp. I have created the relationships needed to get it done. A Porreca Administration is ready NOW.

  • $47 million in tax revenue…
  • $4 million in building permit revenue…
  • Add in excise tax, meals tax and personal property tax, we will have the ability to increase our tax revenue without having to burden the homeowners that have been toeing the line for so long already.
  • 1800 housing units, focusing on our need for affordable housing
  • 240,000 sq. ft in retail space
  • 900,000 sq. ft in commercial space,
  • 2400 additional parking spaces,
  •  Recreation and open green space.
Jobs chart

Adding thousands of jobs to our area such as

  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Food Service
  • Medical
  • Professional
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Service Industry
  • Entertainment

With a broad, long term sweeping plan we will create the basis for the citizens of Attleboro to truly enjoy and love where we live, work and play. We will create the reasons for Attleboro to be THE destination, not just the city you drive through to get to LaSalette.

Do you want to know what else comes along with this plan?


Think about what impact $47 million dollars in new tax revenue can do for our city.

The vision for our must go beyond simply making the downtown pretty.  It must be about making an economically viable and sustainable community. The City has a responsibility to provide for the Capitol needs required for each and every city department to be successful and effective in servicing our residents and community.

Police, Fire, Schools are routinely level funded and rely on free cash to make their budgets work. Many of our municipal buildings are falling apart and are in desperate need of maintenance and repairs. We stretch chapter 90 state funds to fix our roads, but it’s not even close to the amount needed to maintain the conditions we have now.  Our water and wastewater facilities are in desperate need of upgrading and the city-wide infrastructure is crumbling.

We have financial responsibility to our current and future retirees guaranteeing that what has been promised to them is there.

We are forever scrambling to figure out ways to save city owned property such as the library and the Richardson school. We can only bond and borrow so much before it is detrimental to the City’s fiscal health.

We must break the cycle of living by the skin of our teeth EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

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