Community Volunteer Luncheon~ 2019

The following remarks were given by Acting President of the Attleboro Municipal Council , Heather Porreca at the 2019 Volunteer Luncheon 

Volunteer Luncheon 2019

  Good morning, my name is Heather Porreca, Acting President of the Municipal City Council. This is truly one my favorite events to be at. Giving of oneself and living a life of service is a way that I choose to live my life and are the teachings that my husband and I bring to our home and how we raise our family.

  Today we are here to honor all of you for your commitment of love and kindness in service to others and the community. Remembering, that none of us ever accomplish success on our own, and that may be the most remarkable measure of your accomplishments here today. While you were on your journey of love, compassion, care and kindness, you were able to inspire so many people around you to participate and be extraordinary too. In doing so, you created an army of people to bring forth good for our community. Being involved and bettering the lives of others is contagious, and you have infected all of us, thank you.

 Please continue to live a life of service beyond today and be mindful that ordinary acts of kindness as simple as a hello or a smile are as powerful and impactful as the bigger things that you have already done for our community.

 Once again, I would be remiss if I did not say how honored I (we) are to be here today to celebrate the best, brightest and most loving people of our community. From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the Attleboro City Council, Thank you.