October 29, Mayor Debate Closing Statement

I think the biggest difference between my opponent, and I hinges on one thing — what it means to be an Executive.

My opponent believes that is about “The Boss”. 

As you have heard, he spends a good deal of time and energy telling people — Department Heads and Municipal Council Members, and even you the citizens of Attleboro — what they can and cannot do. He often says — “Stay in your lane”.

He ordered Department Heads NOT to talk to the media without talking to him first.

He has forbidden Department Heads from speaking to City Council Members.

He blasts any City Council member who speaks directly to a city department.

And has said that if any Department Head has a significant difference of opinion over direction, then they might not be “right for the job”.

I am the Vice President of the Municipal Council. 

I am a lawmaker for this city. 

I know that we need roles and responsibilities within government. 

Those roles were put in place to safeguard the balance of power.

These are people who are trying to work together for a better Attleboro.

The balance of power is not at risk here.

What is at risk is vital communication, understanding and collaboration.

That is what I bring to this election and to this City.

I am, at heart, a Community Organizer.

I work with people to try to achieve great things for this city.

In this campaign, you have heard my opponent talk about *his* accomplishments. 

He has tried to slice and dice mine apart. He is very concerned about “taking credit”.

Can I take sole credit for the wildly successful Attleboro Farmers Market? Absolutely not. However, does anyone really believe that my vision and leadership were not at the heart of its success?

Can I take sole credit for the funding for the new High School being passed? No. 

But I was there, doing my part. He was not.

Unlike my opponent, this is not about me. 

This is not about being fearful that others might take credit for my work. This is about Attleboro. 

In my vision of Attleboro, we work together.

Department heads and employees need to feel safe to state their opinions and expertise without fear of retribution.

Council Members need to be able to work on behalf of their constituents without fear of being blasted through email or in the media.

Unions and city employees need to feel heard and understood.

As a new Mayor, I will *need* to hear differences in opinions. 

Neither my ego nor my understanding of the balance of power are threatened by a difference of opinion. 

Attleboro, we can have it all. A Porreca administration gives our city the best of both worlds, continued progress in our downtown with the added ability to create, maintain and grow positive working relationships.

What I bring to this election is the hope and promise for renewed communication and collaboration. Attleboro is a gem and we have amazing people and resources within this city. I am asking for your support to continue my life-long journey of empowering and collaborating with others to make Attleboro even better. I ask for your vote on November 5 to be your next Mayor.