October 29, Mayor Debate, Opening Statement

Thank you, Peter.  Thank you to the Sun Chronicle for hosting this event tonight, to DoubleACS for sharing this event with the City, and to those of you here in the audience and watching at home for taking the time to participate in this process.  Tonight is critical to the future of our community and I am excited to share my plans for our collective success with you.

My involvement IN and love for our city started with my faith, grew with my family, and expanded with our community.  My husband and I moved here 20 years ago and immediately became involved in the St. John’s parish as a catechist working with many of your children.  As my own children got older, I became involved in their sports, schools and other organizations. I spent ten years as a bus driver bringing many of your children safely to and from school.  I became a member of the Attleboro Farmers Market and under my leadership, it has grown to one of the most successful markets in New England. Finally, I have been your At-Large City Councilor for six years where, as a team, we have done everything within our power to advance our City.

Now I want to take the next step in my life of service to my community.  I don’t want to just HAVE THE JOB of Mayor. I want to DO THE WORK of the Mayor.  I want to bring everyone to my table to work for the common good. I want business owners at my table talking about how I can support and assist them in helping us to renew and refresh our downtown and foster positive working relationships with the state and our municipal departments. I want to address the lack of sustainability in our school department budget so that our incredible educators at all levels feel the support they deserve.

I was raised believing that “leaders eat last.”  I am just like my mother in that when we have family and friends in our home, my priority is to make sure everyone has what they need. I provide for others before I help myself.  This is what I want to bring to our community as Mayor. I want to provide the services that my neighbors need in a collaborative and supportive way so that we can move towards our shared vision of Attleboro.

Thank you all again, and I look forward to sharing my plan and vision with you tonight.