$50K for Attleboro Firefighters Health and Wellness

I was honored to be invited to attend the Health and Wellness check presentation to the Attleboro Fire Department . Representative Jim Hawkins acted swiftly to file the grant to take advantage of these funds, and was supported by Senator Paul Feeney in the Senate. The $50,000  will allow for the purchase of new fitness equipment for each of our firehouses, pay for cancer screenings, and will provide services to those who are suffering from stress and PTSD.

The actions taken by our state delegation is a perfect example of how teamwork benefits the City of Attleboro.  No one accomplishes anything alone. It takes a collective group of people with a sharp  focus  on Attleboro to bring opportunities such as this to our city. I’m thrilled to have been able to foster these kinds of relationships, and look forward to seeing what else we can do as a team to make Attleboro and our employees better.