Attleboro Memorial Day Ceremony ~ 2019

Memorial Day is the time for us to reconnect with our history as a nation and and our community by honoring those who gave their lives for the ideals each and everyone of us hold dear.

More than a million American service members have died in the wars and conflicts since the first colonial soldiers took up arms in 1775 to fight for independence. Throughout our history ordinary citizens have risen to the challenge of battle, they have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country. They are motivated to respond and contribute wherever and whenever called upon to do so.

Here in Attleboro, over 7,400 of our residents have risen to the challenge of defending our freedom. The Attleboro Veterans memorial in the center of town is carpeted by American flags at the Field of Honor. each flag represents a name on the memorials. Each flag symbolizes a person who was loved, loved by their moms and dads, brothers, sister and grandparents. Cherished by friends. Each loss is suffered by this community and by our nation. We are doing an important thing by being here today. We will not forget the sacrifices of our soldiers

Today we will listen to the name of those who have passed away over the last year. Many of us will recognize those names, but for me, one stands out most. Francis Balute Jr. was a dedicated service member, chaplain and community activist. Frank passed away in April. He was well known to all of us on the Council. His legacy is a simple one, “Take care of each other”. Simple, direct, kind and powerful. Thank you Francis for those 5 simple words that have a great and deep meaning.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to those who sacrificed their lives so that we could live free. We can start to pay that debt by showing up, by not forgetting and by remembering what they did and what they stood for.

Thank you all for joining and participating in today’s tribute. Pleser keep our military men and women and their families close to your heart today and throughout the rest of the year.