Attleboro Pride Month Flag Ceremony

Joined by fellow Municipal City Councilors, School Committee Members and members of  the Attleboro Youth Commission, I was honored to be able to share the following remarks:

Thank you very much to the Council on Human rights for organizing this event. 

The rainbow flag was created in 1978 by artist, designer, Gilbert Baker.

Baker said,

“The flag is an action – it’s more than just the cloth and the stripes. When a person puts the Rainbow Flag on his car or his house, they’re not just flying a flag. They’re taking action.”

Today, with the help of the Council on Human Rights, the City is once again taking action. By raising this flag here today, we demonstrate to all that there is only room for kindness, love, acceptance and compassion. This flag is symbolic of the fact that we as a community are dedicated to collectively strive towards eradicating behaviors that promote and allow all forms of racism and discrimination.

Here in Attleboro…LOVE WINS.