Candidate forum September 19, 2019

Good evening and thank you to Paulo and John for hosting this candidate forum this evening. Thank you to the Attleboro Public Library for the use of the beautiful marble room. And sincere thanks to all of you attending tonight, both residents and candidates. By all of you being here tonight, you are demonstrating your care and concern for our City. Thank you.

My name is Heather Porreca and I am seeking your vote to be the  MAYOR of the city of Attleboro. But first…

A little bit about me: I have been married for almost 25 years and have 3 children, 2 in college, and one is a junior at Attleboro High School.

With my family’s support, and your vote, I have the honor of being your 3 term At Large City Councilor and with the Councils vote current Vice President. I have dedicated every day of my tenure to learn how local government works and advocate to the best of my abilities for YOU, the residents of Attleboro. This job isn’t for the meek, or those who lack determination and toughness. This job is more than just showing up on Tuesday nights. It is, at times, all consuming and something I find it very rewarding.

My family lives by three motto’s: Live a life of service, Nice Matters and EVERYBODY WORKS.

I have been an active volunteer with many distinguished organizations in our city. St. Johns Church, The Attleboro Booster Club, Hebron Food Pantry, New Hope, Attleboro Arts Museum and many more.

What has brought me the most joy is being the volunteer market manager and past president for the rejuvenated the Attleboro Farmers Market. I am humbled by the opportunity I have been given to lead a dynamic group of individuals who have dedicated 9 years of  Saturdays and so many more hours of planning to bring to you the #1 Farmers Market in New England. AFM is also ranked top 10 in the country. Wow. that’s here. In our city

I have dedicated the last 6 years to diligently learning municipal government and how things work here in Attleboro. I have cultivated strong relationships with my colleagues, each city department, our state delegation and throughout the City.

Making every area of Attleboro successful is my goal and what I daydream about.

So how do we do it?

It starts with honest government that has a clearly defined vision and a practical plan to get us all moving in the same direction with very specific and identifiable goals.

Collectively, We need to end the 6 years of stagnant growth. We can accomplish that. We need  sweeping revitalization of our downtown. With that every stakeholder and resident wins, from the ever growing senior population to our children and everyone in between.

I have a plan, I have the relationships, and I can get what has been promised to all of us done. Without adding any tax burden to our residents.

We need to make certain that the goal of  Transit Oriented Development is achieved. My relationship with developers will ensure that they come to Attleboro to create an environment that was envisioned in the City’s 5 year plan. Mixed use properties with market rate AND much needed affordable housing, retail, and commercial space. This will encourage and entice people to move here and spend their money here. It’s how we turn this ship around.

The manner in which we have traditionally funded our School system is UNSUSTAINABLE. We need the ability to stabilize the School Budget and be progressive with educational needs. Promises have been made, and not kept.

To the employees of the city, both past and present. You are the foundation and backbone that our city relies on to keep growing. Please know, I appreciated your daily efforts and you are valued. I Have Your Back.

Leadership isn’t about position, power or ego. Being a true leader means you serve and are beholden to those for which you are responsible. It is about having humility and respect to listen and hear both city workers and residents. It isn’t just about what decisions we make, but how we make them. It is about the examples we set and how we inspire others to strive for greatness.

Evaluate me as Council Vice President for the amazing work the council as a whole has accomplished with me in a leadership role. Given the opportunity to serve you as Mayor, I will hope that you judge me based on the success of the City and not single individual accomplishments. That is how I will judge myself. This isn’t about me, it’s about us and our success.

Leadership is not a right, but a privilege. I am asking you for the privilege to be in a position where I can shape and positively influence our community. I am asking for your support and vote to be your Mayor on November 5.

For  more information please visit my Facebook page Heather Porreca for Mayor and my website Thank you!