Endorsement Letter from Tara Major

My personal experience as someone who works in local government is that while I have hesitated to state it publicly, Paul has proven himself to be a bridge burner. It’s unfortunate, because as progressives we have always shared common ideals. I supported his initial campaign for Mayor without hesitation. With intention, I reached out to Heather last year when there was talk of her potential run for Mayor, in an attempt to get to know her better and have been paying close attention to how she approaches situations pertaining to her job as a long-term city councilor and as an active member of this community. She has proven herself to be a bridge builder.

The local buzz is that the current election has been a quiet one, but has it? I have seen a number of personal attacks against Heather and her spouse. I have seen the current Mayor take a lot of credit for accomplishments that should have been shared with a number of hard-working Attleboro folks. I have kept relatively quiet knowing I will need to work with all city and state officials regardless of the results of the election. It occurred to me that the currently strained relationship will not change either way, so why not speak my truth? This is not a personal attack. This is a job interview and the voters of Attleboro deserve not only the best candidate for the job, but the candidate who truly wants it.

I personally believe both candidates are capable of achieving results for Attleboro. I know they are both smart. I know they both have vision. The stark differences are in collaboration and leadership. Paul has led unilaterally. Heather has never claimed to have all the answers. She does, however, seek out those answers. I believe she will surround herself with talented and experienced people from whom she will take insight from with humility and respect. My hope is she will continue to give credit where due.

Paul has shared with me directly, on more than one occasion that he “does not want to be Mayor” of Attleboro. He has grander aspirations and that’s ok. However, with Attleboro on the cusp of so much growth and need for healing, I believe we need longevity. We need someone who believes Mayor is the prestigious position it is and comprehends the enormous responsibility of commitment and seeing it through to very end and not as a political place holder until opportunity for higher office presents itself as reality.

Heather has proven herself as a strong leader, fair manager, compassionate listener, and tenacious seeker of results. She has proven herself capable of disagreeing with the path to certain results without disenfranchising the opposition and making those who adamantly oppose her opinion suffer consequences as a result of not supporting every thought she expresses. Sadly, the same cannot be said of her opponent.

I’m willing to opt for the candidate that has literally weaved herself into this community. She has managed a family, a successful market, a career, relationships. Through trials and tribulations, Heather will not tell you she has never made mistakes. The difference is she is willing to admit them and tell you she continues to learn from them every day with the help and support of her village.

In close, to answer journalist Jim Hand’s question in his article entitled “Do voters care about Heroux’s temperament or his results?”

I care about both. Shouldn’t we all?

Tara Major


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