Thoughts from my kitchen table #2

Thoughts from my kitchen table #2

Ahhh.. a moment to sit and reflect. Priceless.

Labor Day has come and gone, and similar to many families in our city the Porrecas are in full swing with back to school, work, farmers market, council and yes, the Campaign. 

Team Porreca has been out and about visiting with residents and dropping signs. I’ve been door knocking everyday and am pleased to report that not one resident has turned their sprinklers on or slammed a door in my face. See… nice really does matter. (I knew you had it in ya Attleboro, contrary to what social media would have you believe)

Knocking on doors can be intimidating. I was raised to respect boundaries and personal space. This deeply ingrained policy proves to be a challenge while out on the campaign trail.

Do you go to the front door? The side door? Will you be disrupting nap time for the baby and maybe mom as well? Is the family having a late lunch/early dinner that you will be interrupting? Is it cleaning day, and the homeowner is in scrubs covered in bleach and vinegar trying to get their bathroom to shine? Will the dog bark and get all excited disrupting the whole house? Does the gentleman mowing his lawn really want to stop what he’s doing to have a chat about the future of Attleboro? In a similar circumstance out on Slater Street it was a mom of 3,and she had a really nice lines on her lawn. Props to you!!! 

This past Saturday, my daughter Maggie was my canvassing sidekick. This girl is something else! She constantly and consistently keeps me motivated and positive. When I was expressing my discomfort of encroaching on people’s personal space, she said, “Ma, just think of it as Trick or Treating.”

She stopped me cold. She was right.

Now it’s been roughly 40 years since I’ve been trick or treating for myself and about 7 since my kids were active trick or treaters. This is my take on what Maggie describes as “campaign trick or treating”

The treat is that I get to introduce myself to people and share why I am running for Mayor. The trick, that turns into a treat, is to make that personal connection and secure their vote. I strive to have meaningful conversations so that both parties feel that they have learned something, I don’t go out there simply to gain sign placement.  Signs don”t vote. People do.

If I haven’t made it to you house yet I am doing my very best to get there. I am enormously grateful to my family for their continued support and for picking up the slack at home so I can be out there spreading our family motto:  #nicematters.